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Dogs and puppies ( Updates 6.2018)


- 10.6.2016 Granitsa`s daughter Granitsan Obajatelnii (Viiru) + Tuorankurun Eetu (Eetu) , 2+ 2 puppies. 

- 24.11.2013 Granitsa gave birth to 9 puppies ; 4 males and 5 female. All puppies were reserved and one lives at home. Granin pennutus 11.2014 PB240059  v-e uros G-Mamai
- Pihkatapin Granitsa next litter is planned 11.2013 with G-Mamai, BCU/RG304-002414 (from Russia, lives in Estonia). (9.2013)

- Granitsan Obrasovannii= Obra 17.9.2013 barked LINT AVO 3./53 points (open class/ bird)).
- Granitsan Obraztonii= Opa has barked HIRV KVA (moose) and many times LINT AVO 2 (bird).

New dog, bitch is FI28858/12 Gleizz Aysha= Aisa, who has been with us from autumn 2012. Aisa Juva7.20214 P7063127 Aisa 7/2014

Zirppa 10/2014


  DG20vetoleikki209 200620189 8909  Zirppa-Obra20PA081443
                      Dotska and Grani 9/2006                                                                     Obra and Zirppa 9/2011

I had 3 russian-european laikas at home + puppy Granitsan Temperamentnaja = Tera + two puppies is co-owner, in Finland and in Estonia
and Finnish spitz- femalepuppy co-owner in Lithuenia

English cocker spaniel Attenborough Aprill Donation = Dotska (bitch). 30.11.2013 Dotska hit by a car, died.

Finnish spitz Zirppa (bitch)

Russian-european laikas ER37661/06 Pihkatapin Granitsa = Grani 52 cm (bitch)

ER49455/10 Granitsan Obrasovannii= Obra (bitch)

ER11603/14 Granitsan Temperamentnaja= Tera (bitch)

FI28858/12 Gleizz Aysha = Aisa n48 cm (bitch)

ER49453/10 Granitsan Objektivnii = Tenno (male)

ER49454/10 Granitsan Obajatelnii = Viiru (bitch)

ObraTennoGrani201 201220020 Obra (left), Grani, Tenno 1.2012


Puppies are interested in different animals; they have barked wild boars, bear, elks, lynx, grouses, wild ducks, martens, raccoon dogs, squirrels and with them have hunted wild boars, elks, grouses, wild ducks, martens, raccoon dogs, rabbies.

Opan20hirvivasa2006102012  Viirun20metso20071020122.puppy = Oba                                                                       8.puppy = Viiru Obran20vasa2013102012 9.puppy = Obra

16.7.2011 - 10.2012

1. M Objazatelnii = Pena, 60 cm, One show: very good (+2cm)

2. M Obraztonii = Opa, 58 cm, 4 shows: 2*exellent, 1*sertificate 1* 2.prize and 2* 3.prize from barking test (grouses )in a open class.

3. M Obsitelnii = Obi, 56 cm, One show: very good

4. B Obshernii = Outa, about 54 cm, Two shows: 1*exellent, 1*sertificate

5. B Obstojatelnii = Tella,53 cm, 2 shows in Sweden: 2* exellent, 1*BOB

6. M Obiknovennii = Vellu,55 cm, 3 shows: 3*exellent, 3*sertificate.

7.M Objektivnii = Tenno, about 59 cm

8. B Obajatelnii = Viiru, 55 cm, 2 show: 1*exellent, 1*sertificate Tracking test= MEJÄ 2*1. prize in open class and tracking test= MEJÄ 1* 1. prize in a winner class.

9. B Obrasovannii= Obra, 52.5 cm, 3 shows: 3*exellent, 3*sertificate 1* 3.prize from barking test (grouses )in a open class.

4 0720Grani klakessa666  Pesue2028 7 201020pihalla20P7280266

P419011420VE-UROS-Barsas-pää4 2008mes

Russian-european laika ER37661/06 Pihkatapin Granitsa dropped puppies 16.7.2010, 5 males + 4 bitches after 35 hours delivery.

Grani was mated by lithuanian male 008177-127 Barsas (born 25.1.2005).

Now 6 puppies live in Finland, 1 puppy lives at home, 1 puppy in Estonia and 1 in Sweden. All puppies have been very interested in elk, grouses, wild boar,...

Grani and Barsas barks/ hunts wild boar,elk, lynx, grouses, wild duck, marten, beaver, fox, raccoon dog, badger, etc. Grani's parents Kelopojan Noora * Pella have barked/ hunted bear, wild boar, elk, lynx, grouses, wild duck, marten, fox, raccoon dog, etc.

Pennut20P7180162  uimaan  2009082010007

Fasaani207 8 20102008082010

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